Providing a software solution for faster rollouts: at Connected Britain as exhibitor. is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor at Connected Britain, the telecom event set to redefine the future of connectivity and fibre.

“At, we believe that end-to-end digitalization of the complex deployment process enables both smooth collaboration between build companies, automation of tasks and information flow. Our platform ensures efficiency in rollout projects which leads to less cost and less time to market. Connected Britain provides a great platform to showcase our uniquely
adaptable platform”
– Johan Barrebo, CEO & IS Tools.

About & IS Tools is unique as a solution for faster fibre rollouts. The platform offers and provides ready-to-run modules that covers the full end-to-end build process.
It can easily be adaptable to individual customer needs. allows proactiveness and innovation to deploy fibre in a fast, controlled and quality assured manner.

The SaaS platform is powered by IS Tools, proven in complex infrastructure rollouts worldwide, with over 20 years’ experience.

Customization to local requirements is made by configuration – no long running programming projects needed. The platform provides a large range of functionality such as control over permits, wayleaves, plans, resources, equipment, material, warehouse, logistic, etc to the extent needed in every case, to manage the known unknown and the obstacles that are known to come up during the FTTh rollout!

Engaging with Industry people
Engaging discussions, sharing insights, and collaborating with industry leaders and existing partners gave us great insight of the needs and demands. From discussions to keynote sessions, the team is geared up to contribute and provide a more defined and developed platform for the near future.

Networking Opportunities (powered by IS Tools) is not just about a software; it’s about strengthening existing relations and creating new ones. invites to network with its team, exploring potential collaborations and partnerships that can drive the fibre rollout industry forward. Connected Britain as an event provides a unique opportunity to forge alliances that will shape the future of connectivity and fibre.

“Streamlining fibre deployment is so much more than just replacing excel sheets.
At, we look forward to form new partnerships and strengthening
existing ones.”
– Johan Barrebo, CEO of

From left: Sonia Lopez, Johan Barrebo & Ali Abhieer Shaikh.