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Our platform is proven in empowering fiber rollouts worldwide since 2013. The uniqueness is the design where adaptation to local business conditions is made by configuration and not programming (low code).

Smooth and quick modifications – as needed as the projects evolves.

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Highlighted Features

Mastermind your workflow with powerful features to support your critical business processes, efficiently with ease of use.

Project Management

Track and measure project progress, resources, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) reports, dashboards and KPI’s.


Plan, document and follow-up street and land permits. Relate to work orders for efficient prioritization and coordination.


Automatic scheduling of customer interactions. Efficient dispatching and resource allocation by matching qualifications with work order type.


A digitalized field documentation makes it simple to capture, validate and view all the necessary data throughout the whole service delivery process.


Trench, cabinet and chamber work orders, handled by a digitalized documentation process for field workforce with online and offline support.

Quality Control

Raise overall build quality with real time validation of construction data, embedded Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and quality audits.

Logistics and Resources

Keep track of all vehicles, equipment, materials and skills required for the work with built in Warehouse, Fleet and Workforce management.

Service and Maintenance

Create and perform manually or automatically generated maintenance work orders. Use countdowns for proactive cabinet service.

How It Works

Increase project efficiency by digitalizing and automating your processes and enable structured collaboration between all involved project members, including sub-contractors.


Our Offering

Software as a Service combined with long-time experience from the FTTx community creates solutions that use best practices and optimizations of the information provisioning and flow.


The Missing Piece

Our solutions adapt to existing pieces, and provides a great foundation for project support during the network construction phase. Using earlier provisioned information from multiple sources, adding, producing or complementing this for the purpose of documentation, control or forwarding downstreams in the information flow.



Control and quality of information are the main benefits, as the solution safeguards who can view, change, add or delete information, and implemented business logic warrants information quality is validated and the integrity is kept.

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