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Our platform is proven in empowering fiber rollouts worldwide since 2013.

Whether you are a project planner, executor or operator in fiber networks we have the IT solution for you.

The uniqueness is the design where adaptation to local business conditions is made by configuration and not programming (Low code). This enables smooth and quick adaptation to business needs – as needed as the projects evolves.

Increase project efficiency by digitizing and automating your processes and enable structured collaboration between all involved project members, including sub-contractors.


Supports the entire process of rolling out fiber.

service provider

Content Provider

Sales campaigns
End customer information
Financial information
Support info

Project Planner

Project planning and control

Detailed planning
Controlling subcontractors
Compile progress reports


Project execution

Execution workflow
Field work


End-user webform access
Capture customer digital signature
Automated text and mail messages
Photos upload and editing
Map view with layers
Generate PDF’s with customer agreed installation
Object oriented documentation storage
Bookings & calendar views
Status logs
Support functions

Checklists for planners
Site excavation plans
Permits management
Installation checklists
Additional works
Progress dashboards
GDPR functions
Fiber-optic distribution point & node
Subcontractor guides & instructions
Capture technical information at installation

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Our Story

The platform was invented in 2003 as a result of a vision that:

  1. Companies will be more and more dependent on IT in the future
  2. Companies business conditions will change more and more rapidly
  3. We wanted to challenge the way of building IT solutions

I.e. there will be a need for more fast-moving IT. Businesses will not have the time to wait for long and uncertain IT projects to stay competitive.

With this vision, we made a bet and an investment and developed our platform. The product vision is a self-service platform for our customers to be able to become independent of IT experts.

The platform has been very successful in the rollout of mobile networks worldwide. These projects are very complex, and no project is like another. Local circumstances, laws, needs for permits, management of a large workforce including subcontractors is a big challenge.

These demands are a perfect fit for our solution.

We started out as consultancy company around the beginning of the century. At that time our business model was to build customized IT solutions. However, our clients often came up with new ideas and wished to make changes after we had delivered the product.

We decided it was time to rethink/tweak our business offer. We wanted to challenge the way of building IT solutions.

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