Our Offering

Smart solutions for FTTx rollouts - from management control to empowered daily field operations

The Fiberrollout SaaS cloud solution is brought to market by IS Tools, a Swedish company founded in 2003 specializing in adaptive cloud platforms for network rollouts. The uniqueness in the platform is the design that enables hyperfast and easy implementation of customer solutions. To meet the demand of customization to local business needs along with changing requirements, an adaptive software is the key to success. Improvements and extensions are being done by configuration, no programming needed. Short time to efficiency is guaranteed using an implementation team with decades of knowhow and best practice from Nordic / European FTTH rollouts as well as 3,4 & 5G radio base station rollouts Worldwide.

The Missing Piece

An efficient FTTx rollout requires management software covering all process steps

Fill the gap

Our solutions adapt to existing pieces, and provide a great foundation for project support during the network construction phase. Using earlier provisioned information from multiple sources, adding, producing or complementing this for the purpose of documentation, control and/or forwarding downstreams.

  • Seamless collaboration between all parties
  • End-to-end software support for the information flow
  • All necessary data available in each step
  • Track progress and status all the way with commonly shared real time data
  • Automated workflows: push tasks through stages


Different modules for different needs - below are the main parts that constitute a Fiberrollout solution

Visualizing progress, plan resource logistics and identify problem areas with the map module.
Your mobile workforce can report back while in the field, minimizing delays in feedback and error reporting.
Apply your business rules to the provisioning and creation of information to control all steps of the workflow.
Integrate upstreams and downstreams, with suppliers and contractors. A modern rest-based API makes it simple, yet secure and powerful.
Ensure the right people get the right information while keeping the integrity intact. The graunular role-based access framework makes it simple and easy to adapt.
Language support
The interface is translatable, which makes it easy to use a mixed workforce. While using the local language for signing forms, it is possible to momentarily switch language to that of the workforce to make language barriers a thing of the past.

Your Top 10 Benefits

from using the Fiberrollout SaaS cloud solution and a secure and controlled information flow

  • An easily adapted application with a powerful business rule and access right engine that enables an 100% customized solution
  • Guaranteed short time to implemented solution with the possibility to start small and grow big
  • Continuous improvement and adoption of the solution with local resources, no programming consultants needed
  • Utilize and benefit from best practice of Nordic / European rollouts
  • Digitized workflows from field operations to management dashboards
  • Improved project control with a live progress view and project statuses presented for all participants
  • Enhanced possibility to monitor costs and obstacles in real-time
  • Increased productivity and accuracy with automated tasks and efficient use of time and resources
  • Improved capex and opex with cost-effective, high quality network build
  • Reduced environmental impact by e.g. more accurate transportations costs and optimized material use
IS Tools Bespoke/Custom developed Off-the-shelf Spreadsheets, fileshare, etc.
Quick start - low investment Yes No Yes Yes
User friendly Yes. Individual adapted user forms Yes Not possible to omit unwanted functions No
Adapted to requirements Yes Yes No No
Adapt over time Yes No No No
Collaborate Yes Yes No
Structure Yes Yes No
Efficiency Yes No, scattered data