Project Management

Track and measure project progress, resources, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) reports, dashboards and KPI's.

Project Dashboard
  • Measure project progress and KPIs
  • Supervise contractors and resources
  • Status management
  • Dashboard, Gantt
  • SLA
  • Automated reports

Keeping track of project progress is easy with real time dashboards and KPIs. Use different tools, such as Gantt, status maps or charts to plan project and to visualize the data collected throughout the production chain. Bottlenecks are easily identified and insights could be used to scale up business models to build and expand fibre coverage faster.

Area Dashboard


Automatic scheduling of end customer interactions. Efficient dispatching and resource allocation by matching qualifications with work order type.

Automatic booking
  • Automatic customer bookings
  • Available timeslots calculated
  • Efficient dispatching
  • Match qualifications
  • Live schedule in system
  • Planning work orders with map assistance

Reduce phone calls and other time consuming tasks and instead let the customers smoothly book their own timeslot for service delivery based on their schedule. With the new automatic booking module available timeslots are calculated based on specified parameters, such as length of installation and required skill sets, and presented to the customer through desired media. The system assists dispatchers and prevents assigning people to work orders without the right certifications for the job.