Digitalizing the documentation for the field workforce makes it simple to capture, validate and view all the necessary data throughout the whole service delivery process.

installation review2
  • Service delivery work orders
  • Digitalized reporting
  • Customer satisfaction sign off
  • Auto-generated PDF agreement sent to customer
  • Data collected on tablet together with customer
  • Capture agreements, installation details, annotated photos, used material etc.

Make sure end customer interactions are handled smoothly with the installation module. Agreements, instructions and other necessary data that has been captured during the site survey are presented to the engineer for accurate and efficient installations. Details of the installation are captured together with customers, using field crew tablets - including annotated photos, used material, checklists and notes. At the end of the session, customers sign off the protocol on the tablet and a PDF agreement is generated and sent to customers' email directly.


Project Management

Track and measure project progress, resources, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) reports, dashboards and KPI's.

Project Dashboard
  • Measure project progress and KPIs
  • Supervise contractors and resources
  • Status management
  • Dashboard, Gantt
  • SLA
  • Automated reports

Keeping track of project progress is easy with real time dashboards and KPIs. Use different tools, such as Gantt, status maps or charts to plan project and to visualize the data collected throughout the production chain. Bottlenecks are easily identified and insights could be used to scale up business models to build and expand fibre coverage faster.

Area Dashboard