Trench, cabinet and chamber work orders, handled by a digitalized documentation process for field workforce with online and offline support.

Construction protocol
  • Road section trench work orders
  • Cabinet work orders
  • Chamber work orders
  • All necessary data available
  • Digitalized reporting
  • Capture as-built data, annotated photos, assets, used material, notes etc.

Work packages are constructed and easily planned and dispatched in correlation with related wayleaves, permits, available skill sets and other individual parameters. Field engineers gets access to all work order details in the tablet along with built-in guidance on how to perform and document their work to make sure no necessary data is missed. The application supports both online and offline documentation.

Construction planning

Project Management

Track and measure project progress, resources, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) reports, dashboards and KPI's.

Project Dashboard
  • Measure project progress and KPIs
  • Supervise contractors and resources
  • Status management
  • Dashboard, Gantt
  • SLA
  • Automated reports

Keeping track of project progress is easy with real time dashboards and KPIs. Use different tools, such as Gantt, status maps or charts to plan project and to visualize the data collected throughout the production chain. Bottlenecks are easily identified and insights could be used to scale up business models to build and expand fibre coverage faster.

Area Dashboard